About Us

The company PT GAZALI BAWAVI was established in Indoneisia in 1996. GAZALI BAWAVI specializes in Engineering and Manufacturing of Oil and Gas Tools and Mining Industry . Historically, the founders have been exposed more than 40 years to the Oil and Gas and Mining  operations in the field onshore and offshore. This diversity is reflected in the company’ business orientation; PT GAZALI BAWAVI has an exceptional level of expertise in Customized solution for Oil and Gas Tool ,Mining  ,Machining , our main focus at this stage.The company is staffed with a strong team of engineers and technicians for R&D, engineering and design for new products, and daily production control. As well all our engineers have more than 11 years in the design of equipment for Oil and Gas Industry, which enables us to ensure reliable quality and delivery on-time confidently. We provide multi-disciplined engineering expertise from our team as Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation. The company is maintaining a vibrant and ever growing team of corporate and technical engineers and professionals to develop our portfolio everyday. Let us assist you in developing the best products which fits to your needs with the quality, reliability and resources to deliver a cost effectiveness product. Together we create new innovative products

Company Profile Gazali Bawavi Group_Final 2016